Acid Wash, Not Just For Jeans!

Acid Wash Your Pool To Give It New Life

If you haven’t used your pool in a while, may notice a build up of algae at the bottom. Gross right? Well don’t worry, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Acid washing, sometimes called “drain and clean” is a method that will get rid of the gunk and make your pool look as good as new.

What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing essentially strips the upper-most layer of plaster from the pool to reveal a nice clean layer underneath. While we don’t recommend performing this process often, it is one effective method of restoring your swimming pool.

Can I perform it?

The chemicals used during the acid wash process can be harmful to your health. For this reason we recommend calling in the professionals. They’ll make sure that the process is performed correctly and done with safety in mind.

Here are a few photos of a pool where Dr H2O’s team recently performed the acid wash process:

Before Acid Wash – Left Side

Before Acid Wash

Before Acid Wash

During Acid Wash

During Acid Wash

During The Acid Wash Process

After Acid Wash – Right Side

After Acid Wash

After completing the after wash

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