Pool Maintenance 101: Skim The Pool

It’s fair to say that Summer is well underway and that a clean pool is one of the most refreshing views a home can have. But as with all things beautiful, there is a little maintenance that needs to occur. One of the most basic tasks that can be performed to keep your swimming pool beautiful is to skim the pool regularly, here’s why…

3 Reasons to Skim The Pool?

  • Those unsightly floaters will eventually sink to the bottom of the pool, become hard, and much more difficult to remove.
  • Removing organic materials before they sink helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the pool because they don’t have a chance to decay. Organic materials are things such as bugs and leaves, or anything that will naturally break down when exposed to sunlight. Skimming is especially important if your landscape is filled with lushes greenery, trees and blooming plants.
  • Skimming the pool can increase the efficiency of the pool’s overall system resulting in less chemicals and a longer life for your pool’s equipment.

How To Skim a Pool

There are two ways to skim a pool – (1) skim the pool by hand and (2) using an automatic pool skimmer.

Hand Skimmer

Resting on the rock is a hand skimmer

Hand Skimming

Hand Skimming requires using a long handled pole (called a telescopic pole) with a skimmer net attached to one end. The net is used to collect leaves, bugs, and any other unwanted items floating in the pool. Once collected, simply discard what you’ve collected into a trash receptacle. On average, this task really only takes a few minutes to do.

Automatic Pool Skimmer

There are numerous automatic pool skimmers on the market. Chances are that your pool has an automatic skimmer if you see some type of contraption making it’s way around the surface of your pool unassisted. If you’re looking to invest in an automatic pool skimmer, feel free to drop us a line, we’ll be happy to give you a few recommendations.

The slightest breeze, although welcomed in this heat, can create havoc for your pool’s surface. If skimming is not something that you look forward to on your chore list, don’t worry because we are happy to come out and skim that pool for you, just give us a call or drop us a line.

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