Money Saving Tips For Pool Owners

Recovering from the holidays?  We know the feeling.  It’s the time of year between, holiday debt and tax season, where we are all looking for ways to save a little money.

Below are a few money saving tips for homeowners with pools and spas:

Run your filter during off-peak hours.

As with any electrical expense, running your filter during off-peak hours should help with your monthly utility bills.

Invest in a variable speed pump

As we’ve mentioned before, variable speed pumps, such as the IntelliFlo VS-3050,  runs at a slower rate and is more efficient than older pre-set speed pumps.  Software enables some variable speed pumps to find the most efficient and effective pump speed for your pool and saves you money in the process.  [Learn more]

Keep your pool chemicals balanced

We teach our children that they should take care of their toys so that they last longer; and pools are no different. The condition of your pool determines the type and amount of chemicals necessary to keep your water sparkling clean and healthy.  Don’t neglect your pool, as it will only

Let your pool man do his job.

If maintaining your pool isn’t part of your routine, then let an experienced pool maintenance team take care of your pool for you.  Why?  Because they know what they’re doing and will do what is best to extend the life of your swimming pool to protect your investment. [Contact Us]

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