5 Common Mistakes On Pool Care

Sure, you can take care of your own pool, but if you do, be sure to avoid making these common mistakes on pool care:

Pool Care 101 - Santa Clarita

Not prepping for a party

While you might not think about it, it is important to prep your pool for a party. If you plan to have a sudden influx of people in the pool, the level of chemicals will need to be adjusted to accommodate, make sure you advise your pool care specialist if you are having a party so he can prepare accordingly.

Pets in or around the pool

If you have pets or wildlife, it is important to skim your pool regularly to prevent your filter from becoming clogged with hair, dander, feathers or other such foreign debris.

Failure to do scheduled maintenance

Like any other long-term investment a pool requires maintenance. Just like you need regular check-ups, and your car needs an oil change, pools and pool accessories require care. If tools and the pool itself are not kept clean it can lead to costly cleaning bills in the future.

Not adding chemicals at the correct time

Pool chemistry is a precise endeavor, and adding chemicals at the wrong time, and under the wrong conditions can decrease their effectiveness and make water unsafe to swim in.

Improper self-care

While it might be tempting to save money by doing it yourself you might end up costing yourself in the end. Proper pool chemical balance is a science, and only a trained professional can properly calibrate your pool based off of your water quality, use, and environmental factors. If taken care of improperly a pool can cost much more to repair than to maintain.

How to avoid these mistakes every time

Save yourself the hassle and call Dr. H20 for a consultation about how you can avoid these classic pool care mistakes. We would be happy to discuss all pool care options available to you.



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