Warmer Weather Means Pools Time!

Pool maintenance is something any pool owner is familiar with, but many pool owners do not consider the maintenance needed in periods of heavy use, and hot weather is different than normal weekly maintenance. Here are some things to consider with the warmer weather.

  • Parties and Gatherings: If more people will be in the pool that means more contaminants, which means pool chemicals must be adjusted. If they are not adjusted correctly the pool’s PH could be thrown off resulting in algae and bacteria growth.
  • Hot weather: Hot weather means greater evaporation, puts stress on temperature control units, and can lead to overheating pool equipment. Having your pool equipment serviced by a professional is a inexpensive measure to prevent costly repairs.
  • Debris: many plants bloom during the spring and summer periods, these blooms can end up in your pool filter, and cause a problem with water flow, as such filters must be changed more often, and pools skimmed to prevent future problems.
  • Weather: Warmer weather promotes microbe growth, the tepid waters of an unattended pool are an ideal place for them to grow. Managing your pool’s PH and chemical levels improperly can lead to unwanted algae formation, and expensive pool repairs.
  • Metal Content: During long periods of little to no use during the winter, metal can concentrate in your pool and if the proper chemicals are not added can discolor your pool finish, and cause other problems. Ask your pool professional about preventative steps you can take.
  • Sunlight: Chlorine and other pool chemicals are broken down by UV light. With the sunnier months arriving your pool will require closer inspection of it’s chemical levels, and proper adjustment.

Spring and summer maintenance is not something that should be taken lightly. When in doubt refer to a professional pool care specialist. While it might seem you are saving money in the short run with self-care you might actually cost yourself on pool repairs.



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